What is Caulifyah™

 Caulifyah™️ is the upgraded version of any deep fried cauliflower you have ever tasted! Caulifyah™️ is fried to perfection with FLAVA AND CRUNCH, seasoning and sauce!! we didn’t miss a beat with this! The best part is that Caulifyah™️ can be frozen and easily reheated while unike any other product on the market, maintaining its perfect fried crispness and flavor. 

What Sets Us Apart

We value health first and care about the planet! And we are aware that fried foods aren’t the healthiest of foods so we took upon ourselves to ensure that we use the best possible ingredients! Our Caulifyah is breaded with unbleached flour and fried in non-carcinogenic oils. We use Non-GMO ingredients and source locally to ensure we are contributing to local economy and uplifting the planet in every way possible! 

Everything Matters

Our Ingredients

We use local ingredients, and we strive to source our foods from local farmers! We offer gluten free options!

Ready To Order?

We offer Caulifyah™ frozen so you can have it at home whenever you want!

Rep the Caulifyah

We are hard at work getting some new product ready so you can rep us. Until we have it up here reach out for any updates!