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About us

Superior service, personalized attention

We grew up with the love of soul food on our table. When we became vegan, we immediately began converting grandma’s old recipes to vegan recipes and one day we decided we needed to share this gift with the world. Our family created a signature fried cauliflower that even grandma would have loved. When it comes to bringing you authentic vegan food with love, WE ARE THE BEST IN THE WEST!

Why We Are Different

We Use Real Ingredients

We’re proud to offer the best vegan Cauliwings you’ll find in Arizona. Our recipes are made with ingredients that are sustainable, local and organic. Our food reminds you of the comfort foods you’ve always loved but without the worry of it costing your health! Whether you are a first timer to vegan food or an experienced veggie lover we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

We Give Back

At the heart of everything we do is commUNITY. We give back to those in need, to families and to organizations that are on front street fighting for social justice and other issues that affect people of color. We use our resources to provide donations, to volunteer and to feed anyone in need of food. Get in contact with us if you would like us to be involved in your next community volunteer or fundraising event.


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